Thursday, November 09, 2006

I miss him!!

Tim is on his way back to halfway-around-the-world again. This time it's "only" a week - ha ha. Since last time it was 14 days, I suppose a week is do-able. He's checking out apartments and will set us up in temporary housing, a car and driver, and banking. All sorts of different, confusing stuff to do. I'm so glad my Logistics Man is in charge of all the, um, well, logistics because I wouldn't know where to start. We do have some empty boxes in various rooms but, yeah, they're empty. I don't want to pack stuff we're bringing because that's stuff we're going to be using the next four months. I don't want to pack stuff we're not bringing because I don't know what that is yet!! I did pack up some books I no longer need, but we don't need to store those, I need to sell them. Mostly pregnancy and breastfeeding books, which I now feel I could be writing.

On more local news, Alex, Andrew and I will all be testing for our tawkwondo yellow belts this Saturday together - which is very cool. I do love martial arts, though I know I have a long way to go before I'm not such a klutz. It's fun to yell and punch, though, I must say. : )