Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pets of all sorts...

Please welcome the newest members of the Behling Family, Ronnie and Reggie. A friend of mine got Ronnie and Reggie from a breeder here in China last May when they were just 10 weeks old. They quickly became part of my friend's family. Sadly, over the Christmas holiday, said friend's father passed away and my friend stayed in England to help his mom recover and move on. His mom was in pretty bad shape so my friend was not able to return to China. He had asked his gardener to feed and water the dogs twice a day, which the gardener did, but it turned into a really long time for them to be gone. Eventually he asked me to check on the dogs and I saw that they were pretty skinny, scared and freaked out in general. So, after much negotiating with the landlord (you can't just give away tenants' property), we finally got our dogs two weeks ago. And we absolutely love these boys. They're getting healthier and fatter and more relaxed. They're great around the kids and they are so loving. I am really, really happy with our two new guys!

Remember the restaurant next to the dog-leg restaurant? Well, my friend Sharon and I were eating lunch there yesterday when I noticed something fall from the ceiling into a nearby pot. A little later I noticed something fall from the countertop under said pot to the floor. At this point I had to stop pretending I didn't know what it was and start looking on the floor to make sure there were no bionic roaches trying to eat my shoes. Yep, right near Sharon's foot...eu. Big ol' cockraoch. OK, I live in China in a city of 12 million people. It's dirty and crowded and full of food and trash and everything all piled up. I KNOW there are pretty much cockroaches everywhere. It's just so different to actually see one and be forced to acknowledge its presence in the kitchen where my food was prepared by a 15 year old chef. Still a bit queasy about eating there again, though I'm pretty positive every single restaurant in China is teeming with roaches.